Ineos' Stannard retires from cycling
05/11/2020 | sport | other | 104
Former British champion Ian Stannard retires from cycling due to rheumatoid arthritis.
He was no George Hincapie but he tried. And before any of the clueless newbies say anything - they all flavour their food with hot sauce. Removed
05/11/2020 16:14:24 2 0
Look up exercise induced asthma (EIA). Then consider whether your comment showed any form of understanding of elite cycling or even elite sport in general. Just to help you, EIA is caused by athletes pushing their lungs to the point where they start to fail.
Wasting you're time telling that cretin anything , it will be back with more bullshine. Removed
Last seen heading to Old Trafford as Ole loves a person who can lead from the front with high levels of fitness.

However, as he's untested in the Premier League, and never kicked a ball in anger in his life, they can only offer him £200K a week with added bonuses for game time

Ole was quoted saying 'he's the last piece in the jigsaw, now we push for the league'