'No sports crowds hateful but necessary'
14/10/2020 | sport | other | 152
Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden says he accepts that keeping spectators away from sports venues is "positively hateful" but necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus.
In the current health crisis, it’s odd that football continues. Null and void the season now to protect the NHS and save lives.

Should have done it last year but FA were desperate to award Liverpool their first ever league title in their history.
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Most ridiculous comment ever, with the amount of public finances the NHS receives every year no need to ever protect it, needs better management; as for saving lives how many lives lost to mental illness, cancer, etc. to save a few Covid patients
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Footballers are not seeking help from the NHS and Fans are not in grounds so what are you talking about?.
Footballers that have been infected did not even know they had it as they are ft and healthy through diet and training.

Perhaps the rest of us should eat less junk food and take more exercise?
14/10/2020 15:04:07 15 7
Those who are calling for crowds return after watching the scenes when Liverpool won the League and the total disgrace last night in Liverpool - what are you going to do if fans dont Socially distance. Who will be to blame ?
One thing is certain, it will be someone elses fault Removed
Nonsense. The virus kills less than flu. Get out and face it. Lie after lie. This people seem incapable of reading data sheets. It's not going away. If not, then stop paying all these players - people are going hungry and losing their businesses while people like Hamilton call them "racist". We've all had enough of it. Removed
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Well, there’s obviously one person around here who can’t read a data sheet.
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Hamilton = horrible disgusting individual.
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Its Globalism banker control under the fake Climate control, unite & reject