European Tour protocols 'restricting'
06/10/2020 | sport | golf | 93
Ian Poulter says the European Tour Covid-19 protocols are more restrictive than the PGA Tour and talks about Bryson DeChambeau's "freak" US Open and his own Ryder Cup ambitions.
06/10/2020 18:42:08 13 5
Poulter is good and has had a stella career. Th kinda guy you would want in the trenches with you. Not many ahead of him who you ask to make a 4 footer when really needed.
I agree, Jimmy C hasn't a clue. Removed
07/10/2020 08:12:17 7 8
Poults is good value. Provides great entertainment. Pity you don’t appreciate him, but I’m sure you have a list of nice golfers who never say anything silly, that seems to be much more important to you.

And yes, bod loves a guinness, I’ve had a pint with him several times in Dublin.
Sure you have................ zzz yawn zzz. I doubt very much he would socialize with you, cop yourself on. Delusional springs to mind. Removed
07/10/2020 09:17:31 1 3
Wrong, I'm afraid. Mate of mine knows him really well, played with him at Leinster. Anyway, back to the golf.
Tosser that parks in disabled spaces then complains when asked to move Removed
poulter is great, any chance of athletics hys, cant understand why not Removed