Timely English wins with major looming
05/10/2020 | sport | golf | 83
Mel Reid and Georgia Hall winning the last two LPGA Tour events feel like breakthrough moments as the players gear up for this week's third major of 2020, the Women's PGA Championship, writes Iain Carter.
tonnes of hys on obscure events and yet nothing on any athletics forms, cant think why, especially marathon would generate some sort of well done comments, very strange Removed
05/10/2020 17:21:36 6 5
There's loads of sports that are covered on this site that don't have HYS's, horse racing and swimming, for example.

But there is a HYS on this tournament ... do you actually have anything to contribute or were you just having a moan about athletics?
athletics is major in the sports world and yet no hys, but plenty on minor sports Removed
05/10/2020 19:44:44 2 1
Go away
why no hys on athletics, major sports, loads of events Removed
05/10/2020 19:22:45 5 5
Yes, there are articles about Sergio's and Aaron Rai's respective wins. Just look at the main golf page.
I would've thought the average golf fan world prefer to discuss those events than the LPGA tbqhwy. Removed
great golf but no comments on hys for athletics which is huge, why is that Removed
Sorry for going about Sergio and the brilliant Aaron Rai but saw 15 comments on women's golf before I started and felt an hys on any sort of golf not featuring MAC and Woodsy deserved more attention. Removed
"I always wanted to be a world class athlete"...oh please, do me a favour...get real! Removed
06/10/2020 11:36:44 2 5
to the 7 [so far] 'down' voters...let's hear your views...so what next, Sports Personality of the Year?...New Year's Honours List?...she's won ONE random tournament over there...let's see her performances over a period and then we can judge whether she's 'world class' or not...anyway, extremely presumptuous of her to give HERSELF that accolade!!!
06/10/2020 12:10:56 0 3
Surely these two unique golfers will win the Majors for the next 10 years as they are exceptional. The LPGA will be ruled by them from now on . They will be fighting for the No 1 spot every other week . Just cannot figure out why it has took them so long though . Anyway , fantastic to witness such magical golfers . How they can outplay their opponents , is unbelievable .
you still sound bitter about Sunday's result! Or perhaps jealous about not ever winning anything of importance your whole life. Removed
still no hys on athletics, why Removed
the golf was great but still no hys on athletics Removed