England and Wales top seeds in RWC draw
13/12/2020 | sport | rugbyunion | 413
Wales and England are among the top seeds for the 2023 Rugby World Cup draw on Monday, with Ireland in band two and Scotland in the third band.
Make no diff England won’t win it. Arrogant self righteous animals Removed
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Judging by this and your other comments, you're a bit of a hypocrite, aren't you.
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Here he is, English rugby living in his head rent free......for ever. Love it.we don’t need to say anything just wait for this one to start as it’s always there in his mind lol.........
I was about to post where is hahawales, the one person with the largest affliction of wales living in his mind rent free.....and hurrah up it pops again, timeless free comedy value. You need quack boy quick Removed
As an expert psychiatrist said top habit of a insecure people.

Insecure people often use criticism of others as a way to feel better about themselves.

See, people who are insecure consistently feel bad about themselves. And often, they don’t know how to feel better in a healthy or productive way. So they often resort to criticizing others...hahawales and about 64.3 million others in England lol
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Obviously a lot of you football supporters on here do not understand the final positions from the last World cup have a bearing on the next World cup rankings.
I know. Give them more than a couple of lines to read and they’ve reached the end of their attention span. Removed
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How and on what planet are Wales a Top seed side?

That's just a joke.

It must be.

Whoever gets them in the group will be living it and use it as warm-up.

I'm still in shock
Wales reaching the last World Cup semi final and harshly losing to the eventual winners who hammered your beloved white orcs might be a slight clue why Wales are seeded. Idiot. Removed
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You're certainly cementing your host status: you're nearly as intelligent as a goat. I'm referring to the ruminant!
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Wales, the most overrated unlikeable rugby team have dropped very lucky here.

Thanks (Welsh football fan).
If l were you l would sit down and count your friends
(it won't take long)