Sanzaar & Six Nations teams in talks to plan out global rugby union calendar
22/05/2020 | sport | rugbyunion | 265
Sanzaar and the Six Nations - which represent the biggest 10 international teams in world rugby - are working together to align the global calendar.
Another attempt by the corrupt World Rugby to steal the funds of 6 Nations and redistribute to the Southern Hemisphere. It's always been what they wanted... Now we have rugby controlled by Investment Funds, you can be sure that the interests of players and the game will be secondary to returning dividends to shareholders. Professionalism has not made the game I love better! Removed
22/05/2020 14:24:34 3 1
1 game 1 world. About time common sense overtook self interest
This is zero news. BBC please try harder. Removed
England 12 - 32 South Africa. Never forget. ?? Removed
22/05/2020 20:44:50 6 0
165. Exactly. What happened to ABs vs Midland counties on a wednesday eve?? I vividly remember these games in the 70s and 80s. Or the Saxons playing Canada in USA in the 00s. How about Eng under 21s vs Brazil or Holland. Works in cricket.
167. By Trytastic. Very simple trytastic, but I feel your pain. Much has happened. The game got very professional, including corporate lobbyists, inflated player salaries, gate receipts static/down, and then COVID-19. These proposals, and there will be more like it, are a reaction by sporting institutions, like so many others to adjust. Now how rowers maintain a social distance who knows/cares! Removed