Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes driver still motivated to continue success with team
14/02/2020 | sport | f1 | 310
Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton says he and Mercedes are as motivated as ever this year to continue their success.
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How long until the LH & Merc haters start venting their bile....? LH is awesome.. Merc are too. End of. Get a life.
@9 The Right Opinon Won't be long, you know how Brits like to hate on a winner Removed
Just checking it to see the haters comments, they never disappoint! I hope we get some close racing this season! Removed
The brex!ters are up early venting their bile at Lewis. Don't you have jobs to go to? Removed
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23. Posted bymessis_wendy_house I'm confused here, I'm Scottish, I voted for Brexit, and I support LH.....don't see the relationship between Brexiteers and hating LH....can you explain.
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@23 I voted brexit yet I am a huge hamilton fan. The same as @34. The way you pigeonhole people makes you look very stupid even if that is not the case.
@Bod How many times have you met him? Must be a few for you to cast such dispersions on his character? Removed
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Lewis Hamilton is not actually that good at driving. In tests he actually doesn't come out much better than the average adult male who's passed his driving test, which proves that he only wins because he's been given the best car - because the money men think he'll make them the most cash. Cynical really.
119 ???? Saw responses to your thread so paged down to it. There are few words. Muppet may be the best for you. ???? Removed
Perhaps, this year, all the tossers who come on this forum to tell us how boring it all is, will give us a break and stop watching. When F1 goes all electric, you will truly see a boring event, witness E1, until then savour this while it lasts! Removed
slowly waiting for this goon to retire to save us from even more years of his cringe life Removed
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247 @Nico Rosberg 'slowly waiting for this goon to retire to save us from even more years of his cringe life' _____ You aren't even worth the effort. Leave us so we can enjoy the moment.
Completely shocked at the passing of Caroline Flack... What a waste. R.I.P. Caroline Removed