Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes driver still motivated to continue success with team
14/02/2020 | sport | f1 | 310
Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton says he and Mercedes are as motivated as ever this year to continue their success.
14/02/2020 10:42:12 23 130
The boredom. Theboredom is the same every year. Unlike his accent which seems to change depending on how up himself he's feeling.
14/02/2020 11:14:48 197 19
Fantastic driver. Going to beat Schumacher's records without the need for special tyres, traction control, a clear #2 team mate and having to ram other drivers off the track to win. Proud he's British.
14/02/2020 18:47:24 11 0
@2. Posted by Nick Ebrell The boredom. Theboredom is the same every year. ————————- Not boring enough to keep you away though, is it? Perhaps the appeal of F1 runs deeper than even the haters would like to admit?