Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes driver still motivated to continue success with team
14/02/2020 | sport | f1 | 310
Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton says he and Mercedes are as motivated as ever this year to continue their success.
14/02/2020 10:48:55 22 123
Pay your taxes.
14/02/2020 11:02:21 101 5
@6.EL_NANDO Must be tough having nothing else to think about other than Hamilton’s (100% legal) UK tax situation. What a sorry old life you must live. Either that or you’re simply craving any kind of attention. Sad.
14/02/2020 12:51:46 23 1
@6. EL_NANDO "pay your taxes" Same old tiresome comment from you on every F1 thread. As per norm I'll ask the same question as other contributors on here which you fail to answer every time. Exactly what taxes does LH not pay given that he resides abroad and pays taxes in every country he earns money/winnings in - including the UK?