Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes driver still motivated to continue success with team
14/02/2020 | sport | f1 | 310
Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton says he and Mercedes are as motivated as ever this year to continue their success.
14/02/2020 10:42:12 23 130
The boredom. Theboredom is the same every year. Unlike his accent which seems to change depending on how up himself he's feeling.
14/02/2020 11:14:48 197 19
Fantastic driver. Going to beat Schumacher's records without the need for special tyres, traction control, a clear #2 team mate and having to ram other drivers off the track to win. Proud he's British.
14/02/2020 12:08:44 49 0
He drives for the best team because the cream rises to the top. The teams are always searching for and spending millions on any component, breakthrough or innovation to gain an extra couple of tenths. Hamilton gets paid the big bucks at Mercedes because he's proven to be worth those extra tenths of a second which can be the difference between them winning and losing races and championships.
14/02/2020 12:43:52 26 0
62. You are spot on. While it is legitimate to argue the toss about the relative merits of the top drivers, those who claim that Hamilton is an ‘average’ driver who simply got lucky are frankly delusional. The top teams crunch the numbers and pay big salaries to the best drivers. They don’t make these decisions lightly. It is crazy for a layperson to think they know better than the professionals
14/02/2020 12:53:07 4 50
Schumacher raced a lot fewer races than they do now.hamilton would be no where near schumachers record .he raced between 9 and 12 races per season and hamilton 18 to 21 races per season.there fore schumacher is twice as good as as hamilton .and im not even a schumacher fan.
14/02/2020 13:03:22 31 0
@89 Schumacher: 306 starts, 90 wins, 29.55 win% Hamilton: 250 starts, 84 wins, 33.60 win % Also there were at least 16 races every season from the start of the 90s. Not sure how anyone could deduce Schumacher was twice as good from reading the actual numbers. In fact they probably tell a contrary story. Especially factoring Hamilton's superior qualifying and better teammates.
14/02/2020 13:24:55 17 2
94. Rich "Schumacher: 306 starts, 90 wins, 29.55 win% Hamilton: 250 starts, 84 wins, 33.60 win %" _ Different times: technology, rule changes etc. make direct comparisons between drivers from different eras very difficult. Both MS and LH are head and shoulders the best of their respective eras though. I wouldn't like to pick between them: both absolutely phenomenal drivers.
14/02/2020 13:04:53 8 0
Sorry, 91 wins for Schumacher. Doesn't alter anything though