Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes driver still motivated to continue success with team
14/02/2020 | sport | f1 | 310
Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton says he and Mercedes are as motivated as ever this year to continue their success.
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Lewis Hamilton is not actually that good at driving. In tests he actually doesn't come out much better than the average adult male who's passed his driving test, which proves that he only wins because he's been given the best car - because the money men think he'll make them the most cash. Cynical really.
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@119 Right......................... Are you ok? Have you taken a knock to the head? Or am I being reeled in like I do for at least 50% of tripe written on here....... Ok my bad.
14/02/2020 14:11:20 12 2
@119 simonk Could you give citation of some of these test results, so as back up this utter fantasy that you’ve created?
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"119. simonk ...he only wins because he's been given the best car..." This type of comment makes me laugh. So why hasn't Rosberg got an equal number of championships when he was driving the same best car? Why isn't Bottas constantly being first or second on the grid, or coming first or second in races with the same best car? Think about it. Oh, you can't, because you don't have a brain.
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@119 I think you best get to the doctors you must have taken a huge bang to the head to write such rubbish
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@119 Grow up thought you were not allowed to use phones at school
119 ???? Saw responses to your thread so paged down to it. There are few words. Muppet may be the best for you. ???? Removed
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@119 Simple Simon Really?? Average drivers don't get paid over 40 million a season. Next time you try your hand at trolling please try and come up with something a bit better than that lol
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@119 ha ha ha ha ha ha, please I can’t stop crying u r so funny. It’s almost like Donald Trump has decided to contribute to HYS on the bbc. ????????????????
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There are trolls on here but none can compare with @119 who has just won the award for taking stupid comments to a new low level. Bet he thinks darts players are some of the most athletic sportsmen around as well !!
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119. Posted by simonk You crease me up, Troll on Simon. Anyway more importantly: How will Ocon perform now he's unleashed? What about LeClerc and Vettel? Will Beardy Bottas start as well as last year and maintain it? Can Ham win another title and be the all time beast at F1 wins? What about Lando at Maclaren? Can Max deliver? Will Albon lift his game? So many questions...
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People with an in depth knowledge of motor sport, like me, have known for years that Lewis Hamilton’s car is 99% driven by a computer programme and his mechanics in the pits. All he has to do is steer. Even the brakes are operated remotely. That’s why he wins - like anyone would who got a go. I can’t believe so many people get taken in. A joke really.
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@208 Daftest comment of 2020 goes to...
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208 Simonk...I want some of what you’re smoking it must be fantastic!