Getafe: How Jose Bordalas has turned Madrid club into La Liga threat
14/02/2020 | sport | football | 83
A Roman Empire enthusiast who has turned the Spanish top flight on its head - meet Getafe boss Jose Bordalas.
Comment number 1.... uh oh Retard Alert! Going to assume you support one of the elite,bankrolled by a Sheikh who gives his manager £100 million he found down the back of the sofa to get a left back. Personally I support a non league side and wouldn't change a thing about it. No overpriced mercenaries, no self entitled arrogance and best of all no fans who look down their noses at other clubs Removed
I know it's not de rigeur, but there is something truly beautiful, inexpressibly aesthetic, in a well timed tackle that takes man/woman/ball and the kitchen sink Removed
14/02/2020 13:56:52 1 1
@21 TamLinn, You will only tackle a sink once, it totally knackers your ankles when you go crunching into it.
14/02/2020 13:40:03 5 25
More evidence that La Liga's days in the sun are over and it is now simply a pub league.
@15.......your comment just confirms what a moron you really are Removed
At least there's one Jose who isn't a complete plum Removed